Environmental Remediation

We specialize in

Brownfield Site Remediation

Brownfields are abandoned, vacant, derelict or underutilized commercial and industrial properties where past actions have resulted in actual or perceived contamination and where there is an active potential for redevelopment. We are able to provide support services to mitigate any ground and surface waters that may be present. With our portable systems we can pump and treat, hold and test prior to discharge to ensure compliance with stated regulations.

Contaminated Site Remediation

Contaminated Site Remediation deals with the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental media such as soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water. We specialize on these sites is remediating the unwanted contaminants to ensure there is no negative impact on human health or on aquatic or animal life with no further deleterious impact on the environment.

Remedial action is generally subject to an array of regulatory requirements, and also can be based on assessments of human health and ecological risks where no legislated standards exist or where standards are advisory.

Tailings Pond Management

Finding ways to get fluid tailings to dewater more quickly and become suitable for reclaiming is critical to improving pond performance. Not properly managed, fluid tailings could take centuries to naturally dewater enough to be reclaimed. We provide portable systems to augment existing tailings ponds system and extract additional hydrocarbons, sand, clay and other trapped organic and inorganic materials.

Emergency Spill Response

When a spill occurs, the response isn’t complete until the site has been remediated.  That may include land or lake and river shorelines.  Our highly qualified project managers and field staff bring confidence and professionalism to each cleanup.  We look for affordable options to save our clients valuable time and resources.  From small to large spills,

Lionsgate Water Treatment will address the issues and complete the cleanup with positive results. We provide the following spill responses services:

  • Land and Inland Water Spill Response
  • Spill Response – Ice and Winter Conditions
  • Initial Spill Response – What to do in the event of a spill
  • Spill Site Risk Assessment
  • Shoreline Cleanup