LIONSGATE: Creativity for our customers

At LIONSGATE: Water management is our passion. Every operation be it water and waste water management, electric utilities and oil and gas are unique, so our team of professionals approach each customer’s business goals and water needs individually, and then explore and implement creative solutions to make their systems perform more efficiently.

Water Safety

Our products and services are known throughout the industry for providing effective results that help make our communities cleaner, safer and healthier while protecting people and vital resources. We continuously monitor and manage our customers’ expanding demand for solutions that address water scarcity, oil and gas supply challenges, natural resource recovery and contamination control.


Wastewater is the mixture of liquid and solid materials that residents and businesses flush down toilets, and empty down sinks and drains. This material then flows through a network of pipes that make up the sanitary sewer system. 

Water Stewardship 

We actively seek to improve the use of water resources within our own operations and within the myriad of industries within which we operate. Our commitment extends beyond our operations to partnerships with leading organizations that support advancement of responsible use of the world’s limited fresh water resources to the benefit of nature, our  communities and businesses.

Water Stewardship is a collaborative and multi-stakeholder approach that aims to achieve social, environmental and economic benefits. Good water stewards understand their own water use, catchment context and shared risk in terms of water governance, water balance, water quality and important water-related areas; and then engage in meaningful individual and collective actions that benefit people and nature.

Why Treat Wastewater

Treatment of wastewater is an essential process that prevents contamination and protects our waterways, drinking water resources and natural water resources. Water is used for diverse purposes, and a variety of laws and rules govern water use, protection, conservation and sustainability. Provincial authorities, local governments and federal agencies work to ensure that water is managed and the supply is protected for use by people and the environment.

Environmental Management Act

The Environmental Management Act (EMA) regulates industrial and municipal waste discharge, pollution, hazardous waste and contaminated site remediation. EMA provides the authority for introducing wastes into the environment, while protecting public health and the environment. The Act enables the use of permits, regulations and codes of practice to authorize discharges to the environment and enforcement options, such as administrative penalties, orders and fines to encourage compliance. Guidelines and objectives for water quality are developed under EMA.